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Adobe Acrobat Reader Mini Version 5.0

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Adobe Acrobat Reader Mini Version 5.0

The file based accounting system dominates nearly all small to medium size accounting software in the pass, only large corporate with hundred of thousands can afford SQL Accounting, but that is not the situation any more, as SQL database server getting cheaper (even FREE!), a growing number of accounting system are assembled on SQL database server, and I believe that you should seriously consider SQL Accounting for the business and yourself! The Edges for software developer: 1. Scalable architecture. User can easily expand scale and their connection into a bigger system, traditional file established accounting will simply allow multi-users connections up to less or 20. adobe acrobat reader mini version 5.0 although the database powered accounting system will always take more resources than the file based bookkeeping. 2. Realtime processing. Calculation can be processed by sQL Accounting with stored procedure support on the fly! Support realtime and batch processing. 3. Independent Company rules from interface. With proper software design, programmer can separate software interface and business rules; The database stored procedure will manage processing and all business rules while the applications will handle all validation and user interactions, associated subject. Such design let programmer to port existing applications code to net based or other platform readily. 4. More rapid merchandise delivery. Separation of user interface and business rules will considerably reduce testing and debug time, provide the project more faster. The Edges for end user: 1. Quicker response time. Strong database will accelerate processing time. 2. Save more info without performance decrease. The real database storage lets over 100 GB of data while keeping a quick response time, when data grow over 1 GB file base begins to decrease in operation. 3. Less cost to integrate. Standard SQL database will not be more difficult to integrate with the existing system, any business applications vendor should have the ability to communicate with the database and automate the data exchange process with minimum support from accounting software vendor. The established structure of the company system must be scalable and adaptable to cut costs in the long run of the development, although there is absolutely no reason to not select SQL Accounting, functionality can be easily extended. (C) Copyright 2008 CYNICS SOFTWARE - Feel free to reprint this article completely as long as writer resources box and all links in position.

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